Looking Back on 2015

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Kisumu farm land

I have to admit to sitting down to write this letter at least a half a dozen times. The thing is, it’s 2016 now, and the rains are over (both figuratively and literally) and we’ve broken ground on our amazing new dairy and poultry facility in Kisumu that will have the ability to house 100,000 chickens and provide pasteurized milk … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyLooking Back on 2015

Transitioning out of Ethiopia to Implement Regional Sustainability

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We made a decision in August to not invest in Ethiopia. It was a tough call given that we have spent two years in Ethiopia researching and planning for investment with a team on the ground. But we’re extremely comfortable with our decision due to two undeniable factors: 1) the Ethiopian business environment is not especially conducive to Nuru as … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyTransitioning out of Ethiopia to Implement Regional Sustainability

Announcing the Launch of Women@Nuru

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“We believe in the beauty and power of an individual empowered with knowledge and skill to solve the challenges that extreme poverty creates in her nation. We strive to work with her to remove the obstacles surrounding her that prevent her from realizing this full potential and power for change.”—Jake Harriman, CEO of Nuru International In the summer of 2014, … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyAnnouncing the Launch of Women@Nuru

When For-Profit is the Right Answer for a Social Enterprise

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A couple of months ago, I joined a Twitter chat hosted by Echoing Green about The Five Bad Reasons to Start a For-profit Social Enterprise, inspired by the article of the same name. While I don’t disagree with these “five bad reasons” as presented by author Rich Leimsider of Echoing Green, this list focuses on dispelling the myths around the limitations … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyWhen For-Profit is the Right Answer for a Social Enterprise

What I’ve Learned about the Commonalities of Poverty

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On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on my beloved hometown of New Orleans. I was living in New York at the time and my parents were thankfully on vacation, out of the city. We waited for weeks to be able to return, to see the damage the hurricane had done, to see what was left of the house … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyWhat I’ve Learned about the Commonalities of Poverty

Important Lessons Learned from Agribusiness

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Nuru places an immense amount of value on being open and transparent about the learning’s and experiences that happen while fighting extreme poverty and innovating to develop viable social enterprises on the ground in Kenya. Part of being an innovator and a pioneer means that occasionally things are going to work out, but the real success comes in how you … Read More

Rachel LewisImportant Lessons Learned from Agribusiness

Success in the Poultry Shed

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poultry blog

Results of development work are often seen in small incremental changes over the long term, however luckily for us with the Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises team we don’t have to wait for an impact study, we can see the changes happening before our very eyes in the form of 2,700 growing chicks. With our new poultry unit we can satisfying see … Read More

Rachel LewisSuccess in the Poultry Shed

Exploring Honey in Ethiopia

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Nuru Ethiopia Social Enterprises (NESE) is looking forward to an exciting coming few months. After rigorously exploring potential investment areas and gathering input from agriculture experts, development specialists, consultants and entrepreneurs, we are looking forward to the next stage: operationalizing our high-potential business ideas. Our first pilot will likely be in Ethiopian honey. Due to the country’s diverse flora, Ethiopia … Read More

Wilson KaoExploring Honey in Ethiopia

The Critical Role of Social Enterprises in Poverty Eradication

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January 2014 marked the official launch of Nuru Social Enterprises (NSE), a for-profit holding company of Nuru International. However, the genesis of Nuru Social Enterprises began in 2008 when Nuru International launched its first project in Kuria, Kenya, with the firm belief that eradicating extreme poverty could be both a sustainable and scalable initiative.  We have always defined sustainability as … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyThe Critical Role of Social Enterprises in Poverty Eradication

Understanding the Nuru Social Enterprises Prototype for Ethiopia

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  When I “boiled” the many iterations in Kenya down and compiled a list of lessons learned, it came to six:  Lesson #1: Establish SE in areas that have ready access to market Lesson #2: Launch SE business lines early to enable business lines to grow to full potential; develop contingency plan early as well. Lesson #3: Establish SE in … Read More

Nisha ChakravartyUnderstanding the Nuru Social Enterprises Prototype for Ethiopia