Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises Looks Back on 2014

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2014 was a huge year for Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises. The team here on the ground has launched the Nuru Dairy and Poultry businesses, learned hard valuable lessons from an agribusiness pilot, prepared the foundation for both a new business line to come in 2015 and planned significant expansions to increase the profit potential within the existing business lines.


There is always a lot of talk about failures and challenges, but right now let’s pause and reflect on all of the incredible things that happened this year. At the beginning of 2014 NKSE had a lot of great ideas about businesses to come, but there was not a lot to show on the ground. This picture below is pretty much what things looked like at the start of the year; the ground was just beginning to be tilled for the construction of the Dairy and Poultry Units.


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Where NKSE is now.




Over the course of the last year NKSE has gone from having an idea of building a dairy farm to a fully developed dairy business in Kuria West. The team successfully completed the construction of a dairy unit that now holds 20 dairy cows. In 2014 we also purchased the first 12 heifers, received the first batch of calves, and began to sell milk and yogurt to the local community.


The Nuru Dairy heifers are currently producing about 110 liters of milk each day, which is being sold to the community. In Isebania, the Nuru Dairy has established a reputation for quality and safe milk products, and as a result the milk has been very well received. The Nuru Dairy has also begun processing some of the excess milk into yogurt, which sells at a higher value and is in high demand.


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The Poultry unit has also achieved incredible growth from starting with day old chicks to becoming the largest seller of eggs in Isebania with monthly production around 63,000 eggs. Through excellent management practices and a lot of dedication on the part of the NKSE poultry staff, the chicks have matured into layers and are laying eggs to be sold wholesale within the local community.




The growth in capacity of the NKSE local staff on the ground has been tremendous. They have risen time and time again to face challenges, overcome hurdles, and throw themselves into new learning and discovery. They have bonded together and truly are the warriors in the fight to fund the end of extreme poverty and personally I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the next year. I am sure of one thing – I know it’s going to be amazing.



Rachel LewisNuru Kenya Social Enterprises Looks Back on 2014

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