Nuru Social Enterprises (NSE) is the funding vehicle for Nuru International’s impact programs. By driving financial sustainability, NSE enables Nuru impact programs to provide the communities it serves with meaningful choices while continuing to scale.

Investment Portfolio Criteria

When deciding which businesses to incubate in Kenya, we screen opportunities based on five key criteria

  • Support at least 10% of Nuru-wide expenses*
  • Ability to continue to grow and increase market share
*excludes legacy businesses

Social Responsibility
  • Preserve existing markets at minimum
  • Seek opportunities to create jobs and develop local economy

Reputational Responsibility
  • Protect the reputation of Nuru International
  • Complement work of Nuru NGO

Fiscal Responsibility
  • Diversified business portfolio with risk/reward mix
  • Seek to be able to mitigate risk

Management Capability
  • Ability to partner with or hire subject matter experts
  • Ability to build redundancy with access to talent pool

NSE Prototypes

We believe in continuous learning and adapting our model to best address the needs of the communities we serve. Through our model iterations in Kenya and success with out incubated businesses, we have decided to extend our Kenya model to neighboring countries.

Model Incubate businesses
Location With Nuru Kenya NGO
Target Customer Impact and non-impact farmers
Advantages Shared district overhead; tightly integrated programs
Challenges Access to market; consumer spending power