Success in the Poultry Shed

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Results of development work are often seen in small incremental changes over the long term, however luckily for us with the Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises team we don’t have to wait for an impact study, we can see the changes happening before our very eyes in the form of 2,700 growing chicks. With our new poultry unit we can satisfying see from week to week them getting bigger and progressing in their lives. That isn’t to say it is easy, at NKSE we think a lot about these chickens!
There is much more to the simple chicken than meets the eye, for example did you know they get stressed? Chicken stress is a big deal and we worry about their stress levels as too much stress can be fatal. Like any nervous new parents we also worry about their weight and growth progress, the amount and quality of food they are eating, their standard of health, the threat of predators, and their cannibalistic nature if left unchecked. The dedication and hard work of our poultry team has really paid off as their attention to detail and their parent-like concern for the birds has resulted in a much lower than average mortality rate for raising birds from chicks to layers and in addition this month we had a surprise visit by our insurance inspector who passed the Poultry unit with flying colors.
There is always something to do to keep the unit running smoothly and this month has been a busy one for our two poultry attendants Michael and Robert. They, with help from the rest of the team, have completed a successful second debeaking process, sorting and grading the chickens by weight to make sure they are getting enough food, and giving a new round of vaccinations and also installing new perches for our chickens to hang out as they are growing up. We had a minor incident this month when too many chickens perched on the water pipe that caused it to crack open so the new perches and some pipe reinforcements were in order.
We are anxiously anticipating our first egg sighting in the month of September, and can’t wait to begin being able to start the sale and distribution eggs. Stay tuned for our next update and the first egg sighting!
Rachel LewisSuccess in the Poultry Shed

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