Exploring Honey in Ethiopia

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Nuru Ethiopia Social Enterprises (NESE) is looking forward to an exciting coming few months. After rigorously exploring potential investment areas and gathering input from agriculture experts, development specialists, consultants and entrepreneurs, we are looking forward to the next stage: operationalizing our high-potential business ideas. Our first pilot will likely be in Ethiopian honey. Due to the country’s diverse flora, Ethiopia … Read More

Wilson KaoExploring Honey in Ethiopia

Living in Addis Ababa; An Outsider’s Perspective

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In a few days I will have been living in Ethiopia for a month. The experience has been filled with the unfamiliar, which I find eye opening. Before leaving, a mentor described Addis Ababa as a city caught between two worlds. I completely agree. There are elements of the not-yet-modern in one of the oldest capitals: rocky unpaved roads that … Read More

AdminLiving in Addis Ababa; An Outsider’s Perspective